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Available Properties

The table below displays a list of properties where the owners are looking for purchasers. A search facility is available on Available Properties to narrow your search to particular price ranges, bedroom size, or locations.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these properties, click on "Request details" to submit your contact details - you will then receive an email with the owner's contact details.

Owners - you can add your property to this list by clicking here.

Once your form is submitted, we will check the details and contact you for a photograph. Your property will be added within 5 working days. You can ask us to remove your property at any time.

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Available Empty Properties
Why is the full address of the empty property not shown?
This is deliberate - we do not wish to give the opportunity for these details to be misused for the purposes of adverse possession (squatting), vandalism, or harassment.

I have seen a property that looks empty, but it is not listed on your website - why?
There are more empty properties in North Norfolk than will be shown on the Available Properties list above - it is not compulsory for owners to use the Empty Property Matching Service, it merely provides an extra option to owners of empty properties to help to find prospective purchasers.

There are no properties available to view yet - we are awaiting owners to submit their properties to these pages. Please check back soon.

If you are looking for empty properties, you can add your property search to this list by clicking here.